Are you a Broker or an Agent that is interested in Exclusive and Hot Leads?!

Regardless of what you may have been taught, there is only one reason to advertise when it comes to real estate. And that is… to generate leads. Whether you take a long term or short term approach, leads are the lifeblood of your business. And as a general rule the type of leads you generate depend on the strategy you decide to adopt.

Here is what I mean. Right now there are hundreds maybe thousands of real estate agents in your mls. And all of those agents are either using traditional methods or non-traditional methods to generate leads for their business. Traditional methods include open houses, door knocking, cold-calling, or mass mailing. Non-traditional methods are any strategies that involve online marketing. Which method do you think works best? (most likely, they will say non-traditional even though they probably use traditional methods)

(Either way they answer, you say the same thing) Exactly, here’s the problem… in a sea of other agents using either one of the only two ways to go about generating leads… agents tend to get lost in the ocean of lead generation. I mean they are using the same sources whether open houses or that company that rhymes with “pillow.” The same leads are talking to the same multiple agents making it a gambling game for you, the agent, in which you just have to be at the right place at the right time in order for them to pick you! Now there is nothing wrong with this path… it’s just a costly and frustrating way to do business, isn’t it?

Currently it may seem like you only have two choices when it comes to generating leads online. You either do it yourself, which takes a lot of time and still a lot of money as you navigate through the endless puzzle of figuring out the online marketing game… or you can pay someone to send you the leads… Like the popular real estate sites that even your own realtor organization uses. These mega vendors convince agents to go out and strive in an all out effort to get a home listing… then post that listing on their site. In return, they will take YOUR listing… generate leads… then turn right around and sell that lead back to you or any other agent willing to pay big!

How does this concept sound to you?

Yes, some say these dot com sites are genius. I say it’s a mess and it’s really made it difficult for good agents like you to compete in online lead generating.

But it’s ok. And I want you to …(pause)FEEL COMFORTABLE(pause)...


Here’s what I would do if I were you. Instead of paying for recycled leads that may not even be ready to buy or list like everyone else, imagine only dealing with leads that call you directly. In other words, leads who are ready now. How much easier would your life be? Also, imagine yourself using a method that no other agent is using. This ensures that you don’t become a commodity in the homeowner’s eyes. Instead, you are positioned in the best light and as an expert. So when you...(pause)SIGN UP NOW(pause)... and these homeowners start calling you, they are ready, motivated, and coachable.

Doesn’t it just make sense to be the one who stands out from the crowd? Here’s how we do this for you. You either provide a list of your current farming area or we’ll get one in place for you. In that case, you pick a zip code that you would like us to market for you. Then we will launch our special powerful lead getting system - the presentation calling campaign with your message... Our tools are powerful and non-pushy thus they will be heard by almost everyone on your list. It’s non-pushy because the homeowner can listen to the message when they want and you are not clogging up their email inbox with spam. Listen to this... they also WANT the information you will give them.

Here’s what it involves. Can you do a little homework for me and spend about 15 minutes to get us information like; how long it takes on average in that zip code to sell a home, what the average “mark-down” is(how much sellers are coming off their price), and what the average price-per-square-foot is? If you can do that, we can do the rest by supplying your zip code of homeowners the information they want on a monthly basis. No door knocking, no cold calling, and no mass mailing. All you’ll have to do is follow up on the leads that come in. Again, when you...COME ABOARD TODAY... you will be the only agent who’s offering this.

Summed up, we’ll call thousands of homeowners for you every month to deliver your “market update.” Through the law of large numbers, and our lead getting system you will now reap the benefits of gaining market share in the minds of thousands in a fraction of the time. And this will give you that competitive edge to stand above the crowd, which is ultimately what you want...isn’t it?

The only obvious decision you have to make now is... If everything made sense, when would you want to start getting home seller leads?

As of now we work only with Real Estate brokers, but we are willing to give a try in other markets

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